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Unique Innovation, MoonWalk

Date:2017-12-28 00:00:00Clicks:2906

MoonWalk is an innovative function for narrow aisle, unique offer from us.

We designed one extra button to activate MoonWalk easily( Below handle button 'M' ).


After shift, the machine will only drive forward and backward wherever the handle position is.

MoonWalk could create big value.

It could save the space for operator and handle, which could bring much smaller radius.

Moreover, the operator could have wide view for safe lifting and high efficiency.


It has been tested in the market for many years, very useful application in supermarket, container, narrow racking system etc.

Paying small cost, you could achieve unexpected value.

JB will go on this way to do better!  


Please contact our sales team for details:  sales@jb-mhe.com