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Rider pallet truck CBD25-460 got big orders for domestic rental business

Date:2018-03-06 00:00:00Clicks:1202

In November, 2017, JB model CBD25-460 got one big order, about 3,500 units.

And, they will be used in Chinese rental business.

Totally, this model sales quantity in 2017 is about 10,000 units.

This not only means sales quantity of this model is much more than anyone in China,

but also means CBD25-460 quality is the only Chinese rider pallet truck which could be widely operated in complex rental market.


That is such a great achievement in China!

Starting from OEM for many famous brands, now CBD25-460 has built high reputation after years’ testing.

With many reliable and innovative designs like steel cover, EPS, rail lifting structure, floating driving system, cornering speed control, 3 level lowering speed, Quiet Night(low noise level), side battery etc.

CBD25-460 could be qualified in many heavy duty warehouses, logistics fields. 

Due to much lower noise level, CBD25-460 is also a smart solution in noise-limited areas such as supermarket and night shift jobs.


Please contact us for more details and promotion quotation:  sales@jb-mhe.com